Carpet Shampoo

We treat your carpets with the greatest of care, providing thorough dirt and spot removal while preserving the integrity of the carpet fibers. Our specialized cleaning solution penetrates deep down into your carpet's fibers, loosening, lifting, and drawing out embedded soil. Special pH-balanced treatments are another key step in the process, which helps ensure a clean that lasts.

Type of Shampoo

Allergen Control Formula Carpet Shampoo is designed to neutralize the dust mites pollen and other particles that cause allergic reactions. The unique drying foam formula quickly cleans your carpet while also helping restore your carpet. Smells great with a Lavender scent! 


Types of Services Offered

This services are offered, however not limited to:

  • Residential 

  • Commercial

  • Area Rugs

  • Hallways

  • Spot Cleaning

​These added specialty services can help increase the attractiveness of your home or business space. No matter which room of your home needs service — kitchen, living room, family room, or bath — or which part of your commercial space needs a professional image boost. Fresh Start Maintenance offers a service that will meet your needs. 

Fresh Start Maintenance Corp serves the greater Chicago areas, bringing our professional carpet cleaning, rug and commercial cleaning services to our local communities.


Through our wide selection of services, which are designed to address virtually any personal or professional indoor cleaning need, our experienced technicians help every customer create the bright, vibrant indoor atmosphere that tells the world "These premises are well-cared for." Regardless of the size of your project, our cleaning specialists will give your job the utmost professional attention, renewing the beauty of your space and restoring every room to its original brightness.

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